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We are a KC Accredited Breeder of Excellence
Enquire about Puppies
If you are considering a German Wirehaired Pointer (Deutsch Drahthaar) puppy then feel free to contact us for any help and advice you need about the suitability or nature of this breed for you or any advice on the health tests that should have been carried out on the parents of any litter

Temperament often varies but we believe temperament is the most important aspect when buying a puppy. The GWP (Drahthaar) should be firm, self-controlled, well balanced, without shyness of game, neither sensitive when shots are fired, nor shy or aggressive, these are the character requirements of the DD in Germany.

It is considered a severe fault if the DD is frightened or nervous and as such any dog showing these characteristics would be excluded from any German breeding program. Therefore it is important you meet Dam, Sire and Grandparents if possible to assess what sort of temperament your puppy should have. Sadly there are no such regulations governing breeders within the UK.

Health tests should have also been carried out on parents and as many relatives as possible, unfortunately there are “breeders” in the UK not performing any of the required health tests, even some of the prominent “breeders”.

KC Assured Breeder - KIMMAX German Wirehaired PointersWe are one of the few Kennel Club Accredited breeders of German Wirehaired Pointers and have over 15 years experience of breeding top quality, healthy puppies.

We are the first and only ‘Breeder of Excellence’ under the KC Assured Breeder scheme, for German Wirehaired Pointers in the UK – testament to our care and dedication.

Most of our bloodlines are unique to us, having invested in bringing to the UK 3 top Dutch imports and 9 top quality Deutsch Drahthaar imports, including one of Germany’s most prized stud dogs, Mirko Vom Bockenhagen. No other kennels in the UK has made such an investment in the breed.

Our dogs are not available at stud and we carefully manage our bloodlines and breeding programme.

Finding a Puppy
If you are looking for a puppy, be aware it may take a while to find one. You will typically pay about the same for a top quality puppy as a poorly bred one, so take your time.

Generally there are only about 300 puppies available every year in the UK – compared with 45,000 labradors and 35,000 spaniels (Cockers & Springer combined per year). Registrations of German Wirehaired Pointer puppies has generally risen steadily from 277 per year in 1999 to a peak in 2005 of 432. Since then there has been a decline in UK registrations (e.g. only 287 puppies registered in 2006) leaving many people searching for puppies.

Looking for a ‘true’ Deutsch Drahthaar
The UK cannot breed Deutsch Drahthaar’s under VDD regulations (as the KC is not part of the FCI). However, the new DEFRA regulations since January 2012 means that a puppy can be brought into the UK from creation countries (including Germany) after it has had its Rabies inoculation and then simply waits 21 days. This means that if you want a ‘true’ Deutsch Drahthaar, it is possible to buy one from Germany and import it as a puppy.