• Rolfie


Kimmax Inkognito

Rolfie runs with his owner Kathryn and the Monsters flyball club which have grown from a very small single team of 4 dogs, into a very successful multi team club, winning several first placings in their divisions at tournaments.

Rolfie looked like he may have been designed for comfort and style rather than speed but the boy just loves to race for his ball! Rolfie started flyball in 2008 where he acted the clown in starter competitions. He loved to go and visit whoever was running in the other lane and his party trick was to steal 4 balls out of the ball bucket and run back down the lane with them! He soon realised he loved flyball and in 2009 he started running in open competion and quickly earned enough points to get his Flyball dog, Intermediate, Graduate and Advanced awards before going on to become the first GWP in the UK to get his Flyball dog Silver, Gold and Ice Blue Moon awards.

Rolfie has become even faster in recent times pulling out all the stops to help his team beat their seed time and in doing so has earned enough points to get his PLATINUM award which is 25,000 points! Who would have thought this clown of a boy could go so far!