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    Kasey, our brave bionic boy


Kimmax Kareful Kid

Kasey is a true hunter, steady on point, and has a superb nose for tracking, has 5 Field Trial awards and gained 1 CC with BOB at Bath Championship show 05. He also has 4 res CCs.

Kasey showed immediate promise in the field early on by achieving several working test awards in puppy in his first season (2004) and gained a very good 5th out of 25 dogs in his first Novice test in 2005 and a 3rd in Novice again in a large entry of dogs.

At only 2 years of age Kasey achieved his first Field Trial award, a 2nd at the GWP club novice stake at Sandhall Estate Jan 06.

In his first full trial season, Kasey gained a COM at GSPA novice Field Trial Cornsay in October 06 , a COM at the GSPA novice Field Trial at Aqualate and a COM at GSPA novice Field Trial at Harwood in November 06. He finished his first full trial season with a COM at The Weimaraner Ass Field Trial at Benniworth in January 07.

Kasey became my main test dog for the Beta Weekend Gundog competition taking over from Willow who retired after 3 years at the top.

As Kasey turned 10 years old, it became obvious that he had an electrical problem with his heart which, after investigation by the fantastic team at the University of Liverpool’s Leahurst Animal Clinic – lead by the consultant cardiologist, Joanne Dukes-McKewan – meant he needed a human grade pacemaker fitted to save his life.

Ben Fogle Animal Clinic Kasey

Kasey became a natural star in Ben Fogles Animal Clinic, who followed him before, during and after his life saving operation.

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Kasey, now fully recovered, lives out his remaining happy active years with us enjoying life to the full. Our grateful thanks to Jo for her wonderful skill and advice and to the late ‘Asterix’, another pacemaker GWP, who inspired us to trust in the technology and see the difference it could make to our boy’s last few years.