• Isaac


Sh Ch Femkes Footsteps Isaac at Kimmax

Isaac was the FIRST ever Import into the UK to gain his title.
Sadly he went missing soon after gaining his title, presumed stolen, his legend continued through the quality of his children.

Isaac came from Ankie Somers in Holland and was the first dog ever to enter the UK under the Balai Directive (ie. he did not have to go through quarantine).

He quickly made his mark on the UK, gaining his title by the time he was 18 months of age, one of only a few dogs ever to do so.

His legend continued on in his children as he became:-
Top Sire 96 – Our Dogs/Pedigree Chum Top Sire Competition
Top Stud Dog 97 – Dog World/North Light Top Stud Dog Competition
Top Stud Dog 98 – Dog World/North Light Top Stud Dog Competition


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